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Boho Toddler Girl’s Room Reveal

Our daughter is currently 21 months and it was time to revamp her bedroom. When we moved into this house, every room was a different (hideous) colour, some of them super dark, and I’ve been spending the last couple years trying to get the house painted white, room by room. It’s no easy task when you’re working full time and raising 2 young kids! But we are getting there. This was one more room checked off the list, and you won’t believe the transformation!

Boho Mood Board

This was my inspiration going into the project. I think it looks pretty darn good considering how much money I spent.

The Bedroom: Before

This room started out a very dark green. Can you guess how many coats of white paint I had to put on for it to cover that awful green? Four. Four coats of paint, four coats of cutting-in and edging. I still actually need to do a FIFTH coat of edging and cutting-in, but once I finished the 4 coats I was just done with painting. Perhaps I will save that task for a rainy day. Or never. Who’s to say.

The Bedroom: After – Baby Boho Bliss

Considering how little I had to buy, and what the room looked like before, I think it turned out super cute.

Dress – The Paislsey Pandas / Bows – Littlest Elephants / Wooden Flag – Justine Ma / Bonnet – Baby B Basic
I made this beaded garland from twine and wood beads from Michaels.

This Adorable Bedroom was Revamped on a Budget

I did the project on a budget because I wanted to see what I could do with the room while using items we had already purchased.

I swapped her old dresser for her brother’s dresser and shopped our house for decor items, so I didn’t need to spend a penny on a lot of the stuff you see in the photos. My kind of project! Especially right now when I can’t just go to IKEA to buy all the things.

Now, there are 2 little shelves that I want to get from IKEA [whenever it opens again…] for beside the round mirror, a new dresser [this brown one is like 10 years old], and a toddler bed eventually, but I’m in no rush. This room is already a massive improvement as-is!

Dress – The Paislsey Pandas / Bows – Littlest Elephants / Wooden Flag – Justine Ma / Bonnet – Baby B Basic

I hope this post gave you some inspiration on how you can easily revamp a room in your home, on a budget! If you love any of the photos, hover over them and Pin them to your Pinterest boards.