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Dreamy Unicorn First Birthday Party

I knew I wanted to do a rainbow/unicorn theme for Sofiya’s first birthday pretty much since the day she was born. I was obsessed with unicorns when I was a kid, and I secretly still love them as an adult.

For this party, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money or purchase single-use decor.

I love throwing cute parties but I don’t love spending a lot on decor, especially decor that will only be used once. I’ve been making an effort to only have decor that can be reused for future parties, or repurposed for another use.

Sofi’s tiny 2-tier smash cake with naturally coloured icing.
The setup was simple but so cute!

Here’s what I purchased for the party decor:

  • 2 rolls of paper streamers for the backdrop
  • Cake mix (to save myself some time)
  • Ingredients for icing
  • Recycled cupcake liners
  • Naturally coloured sprinkles
  • 4 small striped bowls from the dollar store [$2 each]

Everything else I had on hand:

  • Cardstock for the stars, hearts, and clouds on the backdrop, as well as the cupcake toppers
  • Cake topper that I made
  • Little white chest that I DIY’d myself last year
  • Wood crates
  • Cake stand (from Misha’s first birthday 2 years ago)
  • Plates for cupcakes
  • Glass milk bottles (they are Starbucks bottles that we saved)
  • Paper straws I had already purchased a couple years ago
  • Wildflowers from our property
The cutest little rainbow bowls from the dollar store.
Unicorn cake toppers that I made last year.
Confetti cupcakes with naturally coloured sprinkles.
Adorable wildflowers and flowers from our garden.

Throwing a cute party, not only on a budget, but also a little more environmentally friendly can be easy! I hope you found these tips helpful and inspiring for the next party that you’re planning.