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How to set up Instagram Shopping – and what to do if you get rejected.

Instagram Shopping – seems like it should be so simple, right? I spent the better part of a year trying to figure out how to appeal my rejected application. I didn’t realize the steps that you had to take BEFORE applying, so I was immediately rejected, with no instructions on how to appeal the decision, or steps that I should have taken beforehand.

Here’s my guide to setting up Instagram Shopping if you have not yet applied for Instagram shopping, and what to do if you have applied and got rejected. [Skip to the appeal process]

NOTE: Your Instagram account MUST be a business account. Make sure it is set to a business account before taking these steps.

1. You need a Facebook Account

I didn’t have Facebook for 6 years before starting my business. You need a Facebook account AND a Business Page to be able to connect to Instagram Shopping.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, sign up for a new one. HOWEVER, you will have to connect with some friends/family and wait a month or so before making a business page, otherwise Facebook will think you’re being sketchy and delete your account. This happened to me 5 times.

2. You Need a Shopify Store

You’ll have to be using Shopify for your online store in order to take advantage of Instagram Shopping. Once you have Shopify setup, you can proceed to the next step.

3. Connect Shopify to Facebook

Once your Facebook Business Page and your Shopify store are set up, you will need to connect them. Doing so is fairly straightforward, thankfully!

a) Head to your Shopify admin and navigate to Settings > Sales Channels

b) Click the Add Sales Channel button in the top right corner and select Facebook Shop.

c) Go to Facebook Shop > Account (it’s in your sidebar)

Follow the steps to connect your Facebook account with Shopify. Make sure that you also select your business page from the dropdown once the accounts are connected.

4. Connect Shopify to Instagram

a) Head to Settings > Sales Channels again and add Instagram this time.
b) Click on Instagram in your sidebar and take the necessary steps to connect your Instagram account.

Reminder: Your Instagram account MUST be a business account for Instagram Shopping to be set up.

5. Confirm that your Shopify Catalog is connected to Facebook

We’re almost there, I promise. Head to your Facebook Business Manager and ensure that your Shopify catalog is showing in the Catalog Manager.

6. Ensure your Instagram profile photo is your logo, not a photo.

I was asked to change my profile image to my logo after I had contacted Facebook support, so in order to give you the best chance, I would suggest doing this too.

7. Apply for Instagram Shopping

If Instagram Shopping is available in your area, you should now be able to apply for Shopping through the Instagram app on your phone.

Head to Settings > Business > Apply for Instagram Shopping to do that.

I hope you found this guide helpful! If you have applied and were not accepted, please review the Instagram Shopping Requirements and then proceed with the steps below.

How do I appeal my rejected Instagram Shopping Application?

It took me nearly a year to figure out how to talk to a real person at Facebook. It shouldn’t have been so complicated, but I kept going down rabbit holes and getting nowhere.

I finally figured it out, and here’s how:

Head to Facebook’s Business Help Center

This is the current link to get to the Help Center:

When you get there, follow these steps:

a) Click the Get Started button on the left side of the page

b) Select Business Pages from the category options

c) Click on Chat with a Representative at the bottom of the screen

d) Fill out the following form with the relevant information, including a sentence or two about why you are contacting support. Then click Start Chat.

You will then be connected with a member of Facebook’s support team who will be able to assist you with appealing the decision to reject your Instagram Shopping application.

I hope this helps you with setting up Instagram Shopping with your Shopify store, and how to appeal Instagram’s decision when your application for Instagram Shopping is rejected. Thanks for reading!